Introduction Spiritual Direction

Spiritual growth is like a journey, moving from the starting point and aiming towards the destination. Obviously, spiritual journey begins the moment as one becomes a ‘born-again’ Christian and ends with an intimate relationship before God. During this process, the Bible – ‘God’s Word’ is vital as it forms an integral part. His Words are like a spiritual map depicting the path of the entire journey. Though the directions and goals are clearly marked, however, internal and external challenges and blocks are inevitable. Many Christians have encountered these obstacles which result in confusion and hesitation in moving forward. At this moment, it is essential to have a Spiritual Director who has experienced similar pathway to provide one with guidance and support.

In this modern era of knowledge explosion, theological and Biblical interpretations are easily available to many preachers and believers. Yet there are very few who can truly develop an in-depth relationship with God. Ideally, the church pastoral staff can assume this responsibility of spiritual guidance, however, due to the different needs of congregants and church affairs, the staff hardly can  spare time to help those who have the yearning to come close to God by breaking through the spiritual obstacle. Therefore, there is an urgent need for churches or pare church organization to provide this direction based on the Scripture and the Truth.


In the sixty-six books of the Bible, we can’t find the term “Spiritual Direction”, just like the term “Trinity”. Although the Bible does not directly use this term, but the meaning is hidden in the Scripture. There are numerous Spiritual Direction examples in the Bible such as David and Nathan, Eli and Samuel, Paul and Ananias, Elizabeth and Mary etc. Throughout the church history, there had been many literatures on these areas by the spiritual fathers. During the personal spiritual journey, the experienced director will listen attentively to the spoken words as well as the inner voice of the directee to understand the struggle and the relationship with God. The director will help the directee to discern God’s will in different life junctions and enhance the devotional life with the goals of walking with God in their lives. Spiritual Direction is a ‘three dimensional relationship’ that consists of the Holy Spirit, the Director and the directee whereby the Holy Spirit is the ultimate spiritual director.


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